Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out

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What would happen if you dialed a random number and convinced the person on the other end to hang out with you for a day? Who would possibly say yes to a request? And is that person someone you could trust?
We decided to find out for ourselves. And we quickly learned, once again, that the world is filled with kind, spontaneous and loving strangers.
You just have to look around.
Thank you to Hannah for taking part in this adventure.
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  • What a wonderful family... but jeez, letting two strangers that randomly dialed you into your house, and even drive your kids around alone is nuts. I don't care how optimistic you try to be about the world, that's really stupid. Maybe not so bad if they knew about the FR-vision channel and such though...

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  • i'm in high school, and so far in my life, whenever i see a no caller id call, i think it's gonna be a prank w/ a bunch of people on the other end about to roast me so i let my anxiety go crazy! we love that...

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Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out