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Farming Simulator
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  • me gustaria un juego de farming simulator pero personas como llo no podemos tener ni un celular yo trabajo en el campo de lo mismo que trata el juego me encantan los tractores y el campo pero me gustarias tener un juego de farming simulator con una play 4 en ksa

    cristian ruizcristian ruizIl y a 11 mois
  • Bonjour j'ai un petit soucis j'ai pré-commander le DLC Platinum Expansion (le paiement lui a été accepter), le soucis ces qu'il me redemande de le racheter comment faire ? et mon jeu lui est a jour !

    Bosso Le ClownBosso Le ClownIl y a an
  • Congratulations to 200k subcribers Farming Simulator!

    Overload Farms, Inc.Overload Farms, Inc.Il y a an

    john connorjohn connorIl y a an
  • I have downloaded my game on our new computer. Everything loaded fine but when I go to launch it, it immediately shuts down and gives a message that it cannot be opened? Can someone help me.

    Edna EmbryEdna EmbryIl y a an
  • No me va el fs 17

    Asier UbiergoAsier UbiergoIl y a an
  • Hey I'm currently having a tree bug on my console and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for me to fix it?

    Nash BraymenNash BraymenIl y a an
    • The trees turn black

      Nash BraymenNash BraymenIl y a an
  • please can you make a semi truck for the platinum edition because that would be so good and cool !!!

    salooh muradsalooh muradIl y a an
  • add split screen to console

    Ian BaileyIan BaileyIl y a an
  • vat is new mods to ps4?

    linus938linus938Il y a an
  • bin grad voll verzweifelt );

    The VampireThe VampireIl y a an
  • hey bei mir geht der produktschlüssel geht nicht mehr was soll ich machen ?????

    The VampireThe VampireIl y a an
  • My farming simulator 17 bought off of steam wont load up plz help

    ItzCorbynItzCorbynIl y a an
  • when farming simulation 19 ?

    realiu plrealiu plIl y a an
  • hallo liebe freunde ich habe ein Problem mit meinem spiel fs17 und zwar habe ich das spiel gespiel ohne mods runter zu laden da ging das spiel noch am anderen tag habe ich versucht alle mods runter zu laden um das spiel zu spielen und es startet nicht habe ich was vergessen was runter zu laden oder was ist da los dass das spiel nicht mehr startet

    Luc KetelsLuc KetelsIl y a an
  • i cant download mods i need help

    Dannyboi 44Dannyboi 44Il y a an
  • I love Gaitsofer

    linus938linus938Il y a an
  • Will the next part of the farming simulator be 3D soil?

    KrawcuKrawcuIl y a an
  • when will the fs 17 platinum edition be avalibale for pre order

    Haydn drewHaydn drewIl y a an
  • i notice that on the farm i cannot find out where to store potatoes, i have stored them ion the shed but they do not register as being stored. Any help will be great

    Alan DiverAlan DiverIl y a an
  • Hello there are many thing that could be improved. The game is alright for arable farming, but for livestock many things need improved. There should be beef cattle, sheep should be sold for lamb as wool in real life is not profitable. Also dairy cows should have the option to be milked manually (milking unit). Animals should need injections and you should add calves and lamb and allow for feeding them. You should be able to fence off your own field and build your own sheds, etc. Cows should be outside in summer and indoors in winter, you should need to move the animals to different fields (and you need to buy your own land for the animals). Also John Deere must be added as its the market leader, Claas should also be added as they are the market leader in combines. You should also add weeds to crops so you need spray the field and you need to be able to top the fields now and again, so you will need to add toppers. The AI needs to be tweaked to be more realistic. Vehicles should get damaged if you crash. Animals should need special treatment during calving, lambing and farrowing The game needs a proper time scale, it should be in months and seasons the game needs pests, fungicides, and diseases for crops, crop destruction etc the game needs poultry farming on a large industrial scale, (chicken and duck houses for eggs and meat Add more machinery and tractors and just improve on the graphics and overall realism. Just need to improve on all aspects of farming and the game will be better Please can you add this to the current game or in the next farming simulator as it will greatly improve the overall experience. Yours sincerely, P Quinn

    Patrick QuinnPatrick QuinnIl y a an
  • macht ls nur für PC. Auf dem Handy ist es schei*se.

    MetisMetisIl y a an
  • aby one have a xbox 1 and #moreconselmods

    Tyler MelansonTyler MelansonIl y a an
  • holland pack please

    Shanvir RandhawaShanvir RandhawaIl y a an
  • i am a fan of farming

    Shanvir RandhawaShanvir RandhawaIl y a an
  • hey fs can please put new mods in the mods section in fs

    Bryan PlayfairBryan PlayfairIl y a an
  • will the follow me mod be on console

    Elliott kellsElliott kellsIl y a an
  • What time will FS 18 come

    Crazy Gamer TürkiyeCrazy Gamer TürkiyeIl y a an
  • when will the farming simulator 2018 be released for consoles?

    Nownstop YTNownstop YTIl y a an
  • cand se lanseaza fs 18 ?

    stefan gelesstefan gelesIl y a an
  • I'm sorry if the language is not correct. I do not speak English and I translated the Portuguese into google translator.

    Ronaldo LimaRonaldo LimaIl y a an
  • hallo puoi iscriverti al mio

    angelo conteangelo conteIl y a an
  • hello,i speak portuguese.Oi eu gostaria de saber se voces da giant sowfare me enviar o link de dowload do fs 15 ( nao consigo comprar ) entao,por boa vontade vcs me inviariam o link? Se possivel... Obg,

    Pedro Games-BRPedro Games-BRIl y a an
  • bonjour j'ai un problème pour mettre la mise a jour 1.4.4 car avant et après l'avoir instalé mes véhicules ont plus leurs pneux et leurs carroseries et le ciel est tout noirs merci de me répondre VITE SVP

    Stéphane ComminStéphane ComminIl y a an
  • car wash on xbox 1

    Daxon CheyneDaxon CheyneIl y a an
  • can you put car eash mod on xbox 1

    Daxon CheyneDaxon CheyneIl y a an
  • mohli byste udělat Horsch DLC

    petr demjanpetr demjanIl y a an
  • I want farming classics for farming simulator 17

    Marcin RogowskiMarcin RogowskiIl y a an
  • Will there be a jhon Deere mod for fs17 xbox

    Max LewinMax LewinIl y a an
  • mi serve aiuto con le pepite d'oro

    Giovanni Farmer 02Giovanni Farmer 02Il y a an
  • You need to have farming simulator 15 xbox 360 multiplayer or like a new update with multiplayer.

    Jesse GriffinJesse GriffinIl y a an
  • why fs 17 have no goat farms in real life they exist

    dinandodinandoIl y a an
  • A quand la vente de palettes de planches sur PS4

    Lucas JacquenetLucas JacquenetIl y a an
  • ils fau Fai plusieurs mode sur fermig simulator 2015 stp ????

    AmyloupAmyloupIl y a an
  • Heloo I buy FS-17 but I dont now,wher is PRODUCT KAY,please help...

    boris sladicboris sladicIl y a an
    • by in german

      boris sladicboris sladicIl y a an
  • je ne vois pas pourquoi sur ps4 nous avons pas de tracteur (claas,jhonn deer) et pourquoi sur pc et sur ps4 nous avon pas les meme mods alors que sur ps4 c'est bien vendu en France vous n'été pas gentil

    Cyril 71Cyril 71Il y a an
  • why can't fs 18 come out on mobile?

    farmerkfarmerkIl y a an
  • could u put a couple of good john deere mods for xbox one please

    stormz troperstormz troperIl y a an
  • they also need to put straps on trailers so the stuff on the trailers don't fall off

    bgt136bgt136Il y a an
  • they need to add local play so you can play with people on the same ps4 or xbox one

    bgt136bgt136Il y a an
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