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    ABombCalmABombCalmIl y a an
  • could you tell me the song of indian wells? pleeeasee

    Francesco De DuonniFrancesco De DuonniIl y a an
  • Hi ATP I am creating a project on tennis and I need permission from you to use your videos.

    Harsh BanthiaHarsh BanthiaIl y a 2 ans
  • Hello, does any body know names of the songs used in 2015 season's highlights ??!!

    Taoufiq LakTaoufiq LakIl y a 2 ans
  • bupathi bopanna vs nestor mirny wtf

    subinraj E Rsubinraj E RIl y a 6 ans
  • kiss

    rowgirl08rowgirl08Il y a 6 ans
  • Sort these damn "HIGHLIGHT" videos out....they are NOT highlights but just random clips from the matches. YOU ARE PISSING OFF ALOT OF PEOPLE. DO YOUR JOB

    skyclaspskyclaspIl y a 6 ans
  • what's the song behind, pleeeeease? :)

    ZlidzonZlidzonIl y a 6 ans
    • your mom

      Just SportsJust SportsIl y a 2 ans
  • Speaking on behalf of tennis fans, we would love to have 720P quality videos please...

    MrDongjiMrDongjiIl y a 6 ans
  • please!! the "Roger's media blitz" also on youtube!!

    ilmelangoloilmelangoloIl y a 7 ans
  • que pasa con jokovic...

    kike0065kike0065Il y a 7 ans
  • why always wta videos? fucking shit

    ffallenaangelffallenaangelIl y a 7 ans
  • IMALI KO BOJI OD NOLETA??? NE!!!!!! p.s. rafa nemože jer je izgubio 6.

    strahinjapjeranovicstrahinjapjeranovicIl y a 7 ans
  • federer rises when time demands

    rakesh reddyrakesh reddyIl y a 7 ans
  • noooooooooooooooooooooole number 1.

    strahinjapjeranovicstrahinjapjeranovicIl y a 7 ans
  • the king to lose at ATP final!!!!!!!!!!!hahahah........... go Rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    bills ngbills ngIl y a 7 ans
  • Rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The King

    Nadal95Nadal95Il y a 7 ans
  • Let's go Novače. :)

    Shonko NeriShonko NeriIl y a 7 ans
  • why the heel dont upload more higlhits of mens?!cmaon:S

    ffallenaangelffallenaangelIl y a 7 ans
  • Nice Channel !!

    FerranteItalyFerranteItalyIl y a 7 ans
  • men upload hilghits faster plis!

    ffallenaangelffallenaangelIl y a 7 ans

    Marić GoranMarić GoranIl y a 7 ans
  • add my channel... VietNam Roger Federer Fans

    Federer Viet NamFederer Viet NamIl y a 7 ans
  • Roger for ever

    love aussieslove aussiesIl y a 7 ans
  • Your videos are really great and cover all aspects of tennis :) _____________ morpher1978: Tennistrickshots and Remakes of Tennis commercials- would be happy about new subscribers, comments and likes :) my latest video: keF53PVLdd8

    morpher1978morpher1978Il y a 7 ans
  • Greate channel. See my channel, maybe you'll use some of its videos :-)

    Dor ShemeshDor ShemeshIl y a 8 ans
  • Love the new video !

    John Guitar SoloJohn Guitar SoloIl y a 8 ans
  • love Roger

    federerbestclassfedererbestclassIl y a 8 ans
  • great channel.

    Federer2001Federer2001Il y a 8 ans
  • hey pls sub me back :P

    Florian BurkhardtFlorian BurkhardtIl y a 8 ans
  • this channel rules, MURRAY is the man,

    CAC007CAC007Il y a 8 ans
  • RAFA!!!!! ROCKS!!!!!!

    SophieSophieIl y a 8 ans
  • Tennis forever!

    HEAD TennisHEAD TennisIl y a 8 ans
  • Rafa rocks... Vamos.. go for wimbt raf... puede harcelo!!!

    UrsathestarUrsathestarIl y a 8 ans
  • RAFA rules!! again.. :P

    Sergio P. RamosSergio P. RamosIl y a 8 ans
  • Awesome tennis channel. I've been looking all over for a place to watch matches live without having to pay for the tennis channel on comcast.

    North Sound CommercialNorth Sound CommercialIl y a 8 ans
  • Federer really needed this tournament to find his stride. In the final Nadal will be victorious in two even sets. Rafa is number one on clay!

    850617and850617andIl y a 8 ans
  • vamos rafa!!!

    the bossthe bossIl y a 8 ans
  • Rafael in amassing form... There is not-one like Nadal!! Clearly on a clay court he is the master and the king!! As for the rest..... soon 17 Masters at only 23 yrs of age! :))

    YS ZuriYS ZuriIl y a 8 ans
  • Vamos Rafa!!! ❤

    Glory DlaRoseGlory DlaRoseIl y a 8 ans
  • Great channel! Greetings from Germany!

    meinurlaubinmvmeinurlaubinmvIl y a 8 ans
  • Lovee Rafa ! ♥♥

    Kimberley ReitsmaKimberley ReitsmaIl y a 8 ans
  • Roger and Lleyton all the way! PS: Women's tennis sucks

    NiggeliNGNiggeliNGIl y a 9 ans
  • vamos rafa!

    Jack FarrellJack FarrellIl y a 9 ans
  • we need some japan open coverage soon!!

    larkspur1025larkspur1025Il y a 9 ans
  • Why are WTA highlights not being posted on the WTA channel?

    Jeff QuitneyJeff QuitneyIl y a 9 ans

    HamiltoncheaterHamiltoncheaterIl y a 9 ans
  • Nadal all the way--Vamos RAFA

    Howard SternHoward SternIl y a 9 ans
  • Federer rules.

    Lumière NoireLumière NoireIl y a 9 ans
  • come on everybody except djokovic

    HamiltoncheaterHamiltoncheaterIl y a 9 ans
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